Lisa Friedlander

A fork in the path

Are you feeling unhappy in your current career or job? 

Do you feel stagnant or ‘stuck’?

Has a situation outside of your control disrupted you?

How I can help

My coaching encourages you to dream big (take a big gulp) and start to shape the future to shift your approach and move things forward.

Together we would look at your talents and strengths, what energises you and de-energises you, then work on effective approaches to communicate your needs. 

Let’s uncover your big dream together.

Let's talk about you

Schedule a FREE 30 minute call and together, we’ll take a broader look at your personal needs and how I can help you achieve your goals faster.

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Leadership Coaching

Become a more effective leader and mentor

Sales Coaching

Be more persuasive and close more sales

Employee Engagement

Improve teamwork and workplace culture