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Low employee engagement is bad for business

Disengaged employees result in low morale, and vice-versa.

If left unchecked, it can become a vicious cycle resulting in diminished productivity, spreading negativity among staff (bad) and customers (really bad) and, ultimately resulting in higher staff turnover.

Why does it happen?

There’s obviously a near-infinite number of motivators behind low employee engagement, but you know what?

Poor communication is the #1 employee engagement killer.

It’s not an uncommon scenario to find employees promoted to management roles without any prior leadership training. This scenario often ends up resulting in detrimental behaviour, such as:

  • Reacting with blame when employees make mistakes.
  • Micromanaging, or “helicoptering” employees (i.e. hovering), impeding performance and breeding distrust, tension and resentment.
  • Taking a stern, austere or high pressure approach, pushing beyond their current capabilities.
  • Deserting them, leaving them to “work it out for themselves”.
  • Not knowing how to deliver optimum feedback for best results.

From an employee’s point of view, causes can include:

  • When management is ‘secretive’, or doesn’t communicate objectives clearly enough, causing confusion and impairing the team’s judgement.
  • Not being acknowledged or receiving recognition leaves employees feeling dispirited while eroding professional relationships
  • No accountability ethos, so nobody takes responsibility for their actions.
Tackling the issue of low employee engagement can seem tricky, but an employee engagement coach may have the answer.

The support you need

By feeling assured and valued in what they do, your employees will like going to work, enjoy their jobs and and deliver work of a high quality.

My coaching facilitates stronger communication among team members. They’ll experience better, easier interactions through better listening, more empathy for their colleagues and clients and improved understanding of the complex business environment they face. 

What is employee engagement coaching?

Employee engagement is a measure of how connected employees are to their work and their organisation.

An engaged employee is excited about the work they do on a daily basis. They endeavour to transcend their usual routine to deliver exceptional results.

Engagement coaching nurtures this by providing the opportunity for individuals to go deeper,  reflect on both personal and work life, understand how they interact with their clients and peers and how engagement with both can help to become a key person of influence.

How I can help

My coaching encourages accountability, which empowers employees to take responsibility for their development and get the support they need from their supervisors.

Facilitate better dialogue between key stakeholders including leadership, management, teams and clients through new and effective approaches to communication

Learn to give and receive feedback that is specific to the individual, based on performance and ensures employees feel valued and understood.

Coaching provides teams with room to move

The chance to be creative and try new methods under a watchful eye, while encouraging self-reliance and independence.

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