Lisa Friedlander

It can be lonely at the top

Feelings of isolation and loneliness often come with the role of a leader. It just seems part of the job.

But the effects of poor leadership negatively affect your staff; it shows up as disengaged employees, high absenteeism, underperforming and low on morale – many even leaving the company.

How a leadership coach can help

Leadership coaching is about assisting people to achieve their full potential, with a focus on what they want to achieve now and in the future.

A leadership coach provides guidance, support and encouragement to achieve defined goals. The purpose is to provide a safe, neutral environment to explore possibilities and overcome challenges from a place of deep self-awareness.

You can use this time to develop your leadership style, learning to manage teams, navigate situations and make decisions with clarity, authenticity and compassion.

Coaching can assist with...

Personal Challenges

Leadership coaching provides clarity and improved decision making around:

  • performance and confidence roadblocks
  • specific behavioural feedback to address
  • dealing with complicated and complex situations
  • handling challenging decisions on a daily basis

Organisational Challenges

Have you experienced a change in your organisation?

  • You’ve been promoted into a new role, where you’ll be leading teams for the first time
  • You’re an experienced leader, but your role has grown in size and complexity
  • Your organisation is expanding
  • You’ve been affected by a recent merger or acquisition

There are times where you need to drive the right strategy, mindset and approach and are unsure how to sustain this with your team.

Or maybe it’s just a situation where the business has all the markings of success, but it just isn’t getting there, for whatever reason. 

Who will benefit?

Leadership coaching is for anyone in a leadership role wanting to challenge themselves, develop people skills and adopt actions that will further the success of their organisations.

My clientele includes senior executives, entrepreneurs and business owners through to startups and organisations.  Also teams looking to develop leaders to getting higher levels of performance from their team.

Let's look at what is happening

As your leadership coach, I can help you unlock your potential through:

Goal Setting

  • Goal setting with clarity
  • Re-imagine your leadership role within your organisation
  • Transform your role so that you are engaged, energised and satisfied
  • Create a new powerful belief system

Understanding what motivates you

  • Find the sources of stress, and lessen the impact
  • Develop your own style that is true to you
  • Heighten awareness of your impact on your team
  • Deeper understanding of your strengths and how to harness as part of your strategy

Developing deeper awareness

  • Sharpen influencing skills
  • Improve communications
  • Develop meaningful relationships
  • Enhance your gut instincts to make conscious choices

Better Decision Making

  • Perceiving key situations and decisions that need to be made in different ways
  • Be proactive and generate solutions, without getting lost in putting out fires and day-to-day problems.
  • Learn how to make quick, conscious decisions, from a place of authenticity

Long-term benefits of coaching

Personal benefits

  • Improvement in your performance by building sustainable and productive routines
  • Gauge your performance more effectively by developing increased personal accountability and self-awareness
  • Be a key person of influence by managing your team effectively and productively
  • Confidently and intuitively make decisions that align with your goals as well as the organisation with sensitivity and flexibility
  • Mitigate the stress of dealing with change, conflict or crisis with guidance

Team Benefits

  • A lasting effect on team morale and productivity by learning to manage teams strategically and sensitively
  • Improved team culture and better staff retention by building trust and developing positive relationships
  • Learn to give and receive honest feedback by communicating with integrity

Organisational Benefits

  • Set your organisation on the right path to success by implementing lasting and sustainable change
  • Improved customer satisfaction and business growth through a creative approach to business planning

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