Lisa Friedlander

Is your sales team missing the mark?

In the ultra-competitive world of sales, it can be incredibly frustrating when your team aren’t meeting their targets…especially if it’s a recurring trend.

It’s not only embarrassing, but discouraging and demoralising. In some cases, even leading to low team retention – and if there are dwindling sales then less need for a sales team.

Let's turn that around

Sales coaching will help team members move in the right direction. With laser-focus and rigour and clarity, they’ll learn to work at peak performance on a daily basis and deliver improved client engagement.

The result is an encouraging and supportive team environment that inspires creativity and improves retention rates.

What I do

As a sales coach, my role is to support individuals and teams by developing structure & rigour, sharpening existing sales skills, and teasing out inhibitors to success.

I help you understand how rapid market change affects your organisation, and how to adapt your strategy accordingly. You will learn how to stay competitive by identifying new opportunities and differentiating yourself from the competition.

I won’t tell you “how it should be done”, but I will give you the right tools (language, techniques, perspective or inspiration) to succeed. 

How I do it

Sales coaching for both individuals and teams



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